1973 Bellanca Citabria 7GCBC

Living the dream. Gonna do the big tire bush thing. Beaches, gravel bars and backcountry strips. I wanted that tandem seating and a proper stick with the throttle in the left hand like my Pitts.

The 7GCBC has the larger 160hp motor and flaps. Still in current production by American Champion, so good factory support.


First passenger. Driving my mom home.


Something old, something new.  Every year some new places to go.
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Handy list of torques and annual maint items
Tailwheel to spring bolt 40 ft lbs
Propeller  3/8" bolts  23-25 ft lbs
Spark Plugs 360 inch lbs
Oil screen housing torque 96 inch lbs
Axle bolt torque  20 ft/lbs.
Caliper back plate torque 80 inch lb
Wheel half bolt torque 8 ft-lbs (90 inch lbs)
Carburetor: idle 600 rpm, mixture 25-50 rise on leanout
Static WOT 2350-2650 rpm
Alternator belt tension, torque to slip 11-13 ft lbs new, 9 used.
Landing gear attach: U-bolts 450-500 in lbs, thrubolts 650-700.
Brake fluid Royco 782 or 756

Future Parts Reference
Decker Door Lock 1040B- 1-1/2"
Wheels 6x6 Magnesium (Cleveland 40-28D)
Brake Disk (Cleveland 164-00500)
Brake Calipers (Cleveland 30-19A)
Brake Lining (Cleveland 66-106)
Brackett Air Filter  BA-8103-1
Tailwheel tire 280/250 - 4
Start Solenoid Mastercraft SW1951C
ELT battery MERL 1037
Gascolator, Steevesaircraft SA3-10-B

Mods and improvements history

June 2012

As purchased had the  following equipment:

July 2012

September 2012

December 2012


July 2013

November 2013

battery compartment

rear corrosion

firewall with battery

January 2014

switch panel

February 2014

gear  cleaned


My boys need a house.  Moved to a new hangar.


June 2015

July 2016

October 2016

December 2016

Baggage compartment had failing vinyl interior that was no longer protecting outside fabric.  Redid the right side in  .025 aluminum, just 'cause I had some around.  Overkill, left was done with .016. Now I can throw a chainsaw back there without it coming out the side.

February 2017

Here's a video of the fuel flow in action. Menu on the left side of the FC-10 display:, units are litres and nautial miles:

April 2017
Updated the KY92 comm radio to a newer KY97A digital flipflop.    

November 2017
March 2018

July 2018

January 2019
August 2019